Alice: The Small Truck with a Big Personality

Move over big rigs — let us introduce you to Alice. Don’t be fooled by her small stature; Alice may be compact, but she’s full of personality, a big heart and brings life to the party, making her the perfect choice for your next move.

Nimble and Agile
With her manoeuvrable size and peppy engine, Alice zips through traffic and fits into those tight parking spots like a champ. Need to navigate narrow streets or squeeze into a cramped loading dock? Alice has got you covered! She’s like a yoga master in truck form.

But She’s Bigger on the Inside
Despite her small frame, Alice boasts a deceptively spacious cargo area that can fit more than meets the eye. Whether you’re moving furniture or delivering goods, Alice’s storage box will surprise you with its capacity, leaving you wondering, “How did all that fit in there?!”

And She Has an Even Bigger Personality
Alice isn’t just a truck; she’s got personality for days! Her charming demeanor and quirky features make every journey an adventure. She’s the kind of truck that sparks conversations at every stoplight. From her fun-loving horn sound that makes people smile to her friendly demeanor, Alice adds a touch of humour and joy to your hauling experience.

Bring Back Your Youth with Stick Shift
In a world of automatic transmissions, Alice stands out with her trusty manual gear shift. Embrace your youth again with a satisfying gear shift and the thrill of full control.

Alice is the little box truck that delivers big on personality, utility and versatility. With her nimble manoeuvrability, and surprising cargo space, she proves that good things come in small packages.
So, the next time you need a truck, hop into Alice’s driver’s seat and let her bring some laughter and adventure to your hauling escapades!