At Northwest Rentals, we believe in the age-old saying that one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure. Nowhere is this more evident than in the lost and found contents of our truck, van, ute, and trailer rentals.

Beyond the routine tasks of moving and transporting goods, there lies a fascinating world of forgotten relics and unexpected surprises. We’ve dedicated an area for the collection of these: the “Treasure Pot.”

Among the forgotten items and oddities lie stories waiting to be told. Perhaps it’s a shaving attachment left behind by a hurried traveller, a forgotten tube of lipstick tucked away in a corner, or even a mysterious mushroom that found its way into one of our vehicles.

But fear not, we don’t keep these ‘treasures’ to ourselves. If you ever find yourself waiting around at our yard, take a moment to explore our Treasure Pot located just outside the office. You may be surprised at the intriguing, humorous and even just plain gross items waiting to be discovered!

What do you see? You can find what others have seen and add to the list of finds on our Instagram HERE.

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