Doris is the big girl. She get’s worked hard, but she works even harder. She’s been all over New Zealand and has some tales to tell. But she doesn’t gossip, she’s not like that.

She’s right on the limit of what you can drive on a car license, and she has all the bells and whistles you’d expect – a long 5.25m box length, tail lift, tie-down points and a trusty 4.0L Turbo Diesel Engine that will get you there and back, no hassles.

If you need to move a big house load, you need Doris. She may not be the prettiest in the fleet, but she sure is the workhorse of the furniture box trucks.

truck hire auckland
truck hire auckland


Ella is somewhat of a relic now.

She’s from a generation when air conditioning wasn’t a thing. What was a thing though, was trusty, reliable mechanical engineering. She is built like the proverbial and will go forever.

Five-speed manual with a big 9 cubic metre mid-size van loading capacity, she’s perfect for the small move or picking up a new lounge suite or dining set.


Fran the Flatdeck.

You do well to get your hands on this girl. Being drivable on a car license (and auto), it’s rare to find a flatdeck that has a 4.2m long deck and is more than 2.1m wide.

We’ve had people move sheds to Great Barrier Island, to film crews take her for more than 2 years.

She’s so handy, you won’t want to give her back!

truck hire auckland