In the ever changing world of climate change, minimizing environmental impacts and improving vehicles and emissions, we thought it was time to join the band wagon. Enter Greta – Northwest Rentals take on saving the world, one hire at a time.

This used to be the run about car for the team at the yard. The owner absolutely adores the Prius – it’s his favourite on the fleet. But don’t tell the others. When you drive her, you can see why Uber drivers around the world have taken the Prius.

Ultra reliable, ultra fuel efficient, ultra comfortable and ultra quiet. Ticks all the boxes.

truck hire auckland
truck hire auckland


Kathleen was name after one of our clients.

You’d have to talk to us in person to understand why, but you’d be pleased to know that Kathleen is much more reliable.

She does what she’s asked to and you get what you need from her. She’s perfect for a mid sized move and narrow driveways.