Our 3 tonne payload tippers offer an affordable option to get a firewood load, tip load, gravel load, or soil load, without the need for a truck license. Because they are small and nimble, they can also fit in the difficult to reach areas for your next landscaping gig.

Yasmin and Xena (Our Warrior Princess)

These are the new girls on the block, direct from Hino, and they come with all the bells and whistles.

Cruise control, emergency braking assist, reversing camera, and the coldest A/C you can hope for on those hot summer days.

With 3 tonne payload and a 3 tonne towing, they are great if you also need to hitch a digger up for your next job.

truck hire auckland
truck hire auckland


Sasha’s a slightly bigger girl than the others.

With a powerful Fuso engine, she is great for taking a bit more volume in the deck where the load may require it.


Ol’ Trusty Helga.

She’s like your favourite leather boot – she’s your go to, and gets the job done.

Helga had a tough long term job recently, so we’ve treated her to a bit of a facelift and refurbishment, and she is looking shmick again.

Check her out when you’re next in the yard!

truck hire auckland