Our most popular moving truck hire has always been and remains the trusty Toyota Dyna box truck. We have several of these vehicles in our fleet, and over the years they have proven themselves to be dependable and durable, easy to maintain, and built to withstand heavy use – the perfect truck for furniture moving and transportation within Auckland.

We have different sized trucks available which are comfortable and easy to drive and only require a normal car license. While we have options from 11m³ up to 22m³, the most popular is the 20m³ box truck. This can typically fit the contents of a two to three-bedroom house, including furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, and mattresses, and appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

Some of the features and benefits of our box trucks are:

  • Automatic Transmission: The automatic transmission makes these it easy to drive, especially for those who may not be experienced in driving larger vehicles.
  • Reversing Camera: The Toyota Dyna comes equipped with a reversing camera, making it easier to navigate tight spaces and park safely.
  • Hydraulic Tail Lift: The hydraulic tail lift makes it easier to load and unload heavy items into and out of the truck, reducing the amount of heavy lifting required.
  • Affordable option: Compared to hiring a professional moving company, this is a much more affordable option for those conscious of budget or who prefer to pack and move their belongings themselves.

Overall, hiring one of our furniture trucks is a convenient, cost-effective, and practical option for people moving house, with the truck itself being much more comfortable and easy to drive than many people expect.