Why So White? Uncovering the Mystery of Rental Fleet Colours

When you think of rental cars or trucks, one common image that comes to mind is a sea of pristine, white vehicles lined up and ready for adventure. Have you ever wondered why rental companies choose to have a fleet that predominantly consists of white vehicles?

Clean & Low Maintenance
White vehicles conceal dirt, grime and wear. They tend to show less of the everyday wear and tear associated with frequent use, allowing them to maintain a fresh appearance for longer periods. Easy upkeep means less time cleaning, longer service life and overall, more efficient operations.

Versatile Branding
White serves as a blank canvas for logos and graphics, making company branding pop. It adapts easily to rebranding efforts and different marketing campaigns.

Customer Appeal & Confidence
White exudes a sense of cleanliness, sophistication, and timelessness. Many people associate white with a feeling of purity and professionalism, which instills a sense of trust when renting a vehicle. By offering a fleet primarily in white, they have a broad customer appeal, so can cater to wide audience. More customers = better for business.

At Northwest Rentals, we have an OCD owner who likes the fleet to be ‘matchy matchy’. But really, personally, we just think our fleet of girls look pretty in white and so this is our modus operandi.