We love our girls. And they deserve a name and to be recognized for the work they do. The criteria for our names is ever-evolving, but we try our best to give the girls old style, girl names. We first started naming them based on the letters of the alphabet in the order that they joined the fleet. We’ve kept this going, and it makes it much easier to remember them, instead of their registrations.

Over time, with their names, they tend to develop a personality around it. We find that our customers look after them better because they are personalised. If they get a knock, instead of calling it a dent, out of respect we call them ‘beauty scars’.

And, because they are all female, they are much more reliable than if they were males!


Alice? Who the truck is Alice?

Alice was the first girl to our fleet. The original. ‘Way’ back when it all started in 2015. She’s still going strong, and will do for many years yet.

Just quietly, she is one of the favourites amongst the regulars at Northwest Rentals. A nippy little 5 speed manual, maneuverable and a dream to drive.

She is the best girl to use for those light furniture moves, particularly when in the tighter suburban or inner city areas.

truck hire auckland
truck hire auckland


Billie joined the fleet in April 2016, as an exact replacement for Betty. Poor old Betty was involved in a nasty crash in Huapai near Carriages café. Thankfully and quite unbelievably, no one was hurt!

Billie is an absolute champion. She has all the benefits of Alice, but with a silky smooth automatic transmission and a hydraulic tail lift to boot.

The only complaint about Billie is that we haven’t been able to find another one like her yet!